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  1,we want to develop direct contact with continental buyers for ourselves.


  2,we see that your firm specializes in light industrial goods, and we are willing to establish business relationship with you.

22270.COM  得知贵公司专门经营轻工业品,我们愿意与贵公司建立业务关系。

  3,we are one of the largest importers of electric goods in this city, and we wish to establish business relationship

  with you. ...我们是此地最大的电器进口商之一,愿意与你们建立业务关系。

  4,our company is thinking of expanding its business relationship with china.


  5,as is known, we set great store by the trade relationship with the third world countries.


  6,we look forward to reactivating our business relationship.

22270.COM  我们盼望我们的业务关系重新活跃起来。

  7,my offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.

22270.COM  我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。

  8,we have received offers recently, most of which are below 100 u.s. dollars.